Laurent started as a dance couple with the fabulous Adeline Suédois. Their Kizomba journey has seen them crowned winners of the 2013 French Kizomba Tour, France’s national Kizomba Championships. After this amazing feat they started posting their now famous Kizomba videos on YouTube, and their style and moves have inspired Kizomba dancers and instructors worldwide. They have been travelling and teaching together from 2012 until 2018.

Since 2018, Laurent takes a different path in his career to be more focus on developing the projects he is leading like ShowYourStyle, KizombaXperience, OlympiadsOfKizomba and his OnlineKizombaSchool.

He is still travelling to different parts of the world to show and teach people his vision and knowledges of Kizomba. During his classes you will discover his specialty lies in attention to: Musicality, Technique, Expression and Feeling.